Health Affirmations

Affirmations for Health List 4

Affirmations for Health – List 4 Here is a list of positive affirmations for health. Health is our wealth and health affirmations are the key to that wealth. Affirmation healing has been practiced for a long time. If you are wondering if affirmations for health work, the answer is yes, if they’re applied correctly. How […]

Affirmations for Health List 3

Affirmations for Health – List 3 Affirmations are brief statements on a specific topic. We can clearly formulate positive phrases  with their help. Health affirmations are our allies on the path to excellent health, our assistants in times of despair and anxiety, our friends in the battle against illnesses. List 3of affirmations for health – […]

Health Affirmations List 1

Health Affirmations – List 1 What could be more important for any person than health? Affirmations for self healing can help get rid of negative thoughts, tune into a positive thinking  and improve your health. List 1of affirmations for health – The God blesses me with happiness, great health and abundance – I radiate excellent […]

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