How to Write Your Own Affirmations?

How to Write Your Personal Affirmations for Your Own Purposes

To write your own affirmations you should know exactly what you want to achieve doing the practice. At first, it may be useful to read existing statements for inspiration and experience and only after that start writing your own texts.

This blog is superb resource from which you can find various positive affirmations. But I understand that you might wish to generate affirmations specific to your condition. So I wrote this article to help you with that.

Whatever you want to accomplish, manifest or attract, ensure you use the proper brain language we will talked about below. This is really important.


Positive affirmations


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  1. Ensure the affirmation contains only positive words. If it has the words “do not,” “cannot” or “will not,” re-write it to confirm whatever you are attempting to accomplish.
  2. Ensure the affirmation is written in present tense, even if it is not true. The anxiety you are feeling motivates you to make the change. Even if you are not rich, reiterating, “I am rich. I have lots of cash,” is a terrific affirmation to drive you to financial victory.
  3. Be pertinent. If you are generating an affirmation to use for a precise situation, contemplate on whatever you desire to accomplish. If it’s having a fantastic job interview, then contemplate on whatever that involves. Does having a fantastic job interview establish you are self-confident, experienced, friendly and successful Establish affirmations utilizing those traits in present tense. Do not say, “I will have a fantastic interview.” Say, “I’m self-confident, experienced, friendly and successful. Everybody notices those traits.”




How to build up your own powerful affirmations. Briefly!

To create your unique affirmation you should follow a few magic rules making affirmations so powerful:

  • A good affirmation is always positive. That is, it doesn’t consist of ‘no’, ‘not’, ‘don’t’ and so on. For example, ‘I’m calm and patient’ or ‘I’m peaceful’ instead of ‘I’m not angry.’ By the way, it’s a good habit for making your life better – to train speaking without ‘no’ in your everyday life.
  • A powerful affirmation is always in the present tense. It means that for our mind and our subconscious it’s important to receive information like it has already happened. In other words, it’s much more powerful to say ‘I’m confident and brave’ instead of ‘I will be confident and brave.’
  • An effective affirmation are always represent a fact or the truth. It’s vital to avoid such words like ‘could’, ‘may’, ‘might’ and so on. Your affirmation should contain only ‘do’ and ‘am’. For example, ‘I lose 1 pound of my weight every week’ instead of ‘I can lose 1 pound of my weight every week.’

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