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Do you like horoscopes? I hope you do. Here I collect a few free horoscopes for every sign. Even though a zodiac sign is just a position of our natal Sun on our birth time and there are additional planets that have a huge impact on us. Regardless, I believe in horoscopes and find a lot of interesting and useful information in it.

Here I propose you a few exiting horoscopes for your pleasure: an accurate daily horoscopes for every zodiac sign and the partner compatibility horoscope. Also you can find some additional data that may help with your daily practice of affirmations. Enjoy!

1. Free zodiac sign horoscope

This is a simple but a very good variation of a personal horoscope by your birth sign. You can find out something interesting and new about yourself or about someone you know. 

2. Free partner horoscope online

If you are worried about how compatible you and your partner are, this online horoscope can help. Let’s see what a valuable contribution each of you adds to your relationships.

3. Online moon phases

You may wonder why I have an online moon phases calendar here on my affirmation blog. It’s simple. There are some affirmations that you should read when the moon is waxing or on a full moon. For example, I can recommend to repeat money affirmations and affirmations for success on a waxing moon.

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