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This magic and free Rune Oracle is here at your service. It is a free online divination. Let’s see what the future brings to you. Free personal prediction. All that you need to do is to ask your question and click the button to know the answer.

About this free online divination

Norse Runes are the ancient letters used in Germanic languages. The word ‘rune’ is from the old Norse ‘run’ that means ‘secret’. Today, runic alphabet is used in magic and divination by many fortune-tellers. Although their meanings may be a little bit vague, most people who deal with runes find that the best way is to ask a clear question based upon your current situation. In this case, the rune’s answer will be understandable.

Although it isn’t necessary to have Norse ancestry in order to use the runes, you will have a far better understanding of their meanings and the symbols if you have some knowledge of the mythology and history of the Germanic peoples. Then you can read the runes in the context in which they were meant to be interpreted.

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