Positive Affirmations FAQ

Here is positive affirmations FAQ. All the questions and answers about affirmation meaning, practice and effectiveness.  

What does affirmation mean?

An affirmation is a short phrase containing a positive verbal formula for the human mind. The daily repetition of affirmations reprograms a person’s subconscious mind so that it contributes to the improvement of his psycho-emotional background and stimulate desired positive changes in life.

Are affirmations effective?

Yes, they are. The answer is absolutely positive. Affirmations are always effective if they are used properly. How exactly? You can read about this in more detail here

How do affirmations work?

A repetition of positive affirmations is gradually changing your worldview and your thinking. That is how you can improve your life and achieve results you want. You can read more about affirmations repeating here.

Can affirmations change your life?

Yes, they can. Indeed there are a few researches that have proven the effectiveness of affirmations. After all, positive thinking can transform your cognitive patterns and decries amount of negative thoughts. The more you can choose your thoughts, the better life you can have. How to change your life step by step you can read here.

How many times should you repeat affirmations?

You should read your affirmations as many times a day as you can. But there are a few things that are more important – regularity and belief. You should repeat affirmations every day and you should belief in what you are saying.

How many affirmations should I have?

The number of positive affirmations does not affect the outcome of your practice. You can repeat just one phrase and achieve results. And you can read hundreds words without any noticeable result. You can explore examples of powerful affirmations here.

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