How to Use Positive Affirmations

How to Use Positive Affirmations in Everyday Life

Positive affirmations become very popular day by day. Social media like Insta, Facebook or Twitter help to spread posts which quote many interesting and effective affirmations. 

Do not fret, I’m not going to become extremely scientific or get real technical at this point. However, there’s lots of study available, if you are wondering. Maybe they can serve you in the future. In its place, I will explain to you the way the brain communicates. It communicates very specifically, and if we understand that, it will assist in forming positive affirmations so they are more efficient and powerful.


Positive affirmations


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The brain is a complicated and intricate network of data that’s constantly sending and getting in thoughts and directions at lightning speeds. Every single straightforward act you do is actually a set of complex messages between cells known as neurons.

Due to the quantity of data the brain must process constantly, it requires all someone thinks and says in a extremely literal manner. Once you realize the way that literal communication operates, you start to see the way it affects your feelings, behaviors and even your physical health. You can read more about human mind in another post. 




How to use your daily affirmations

  1. Repeat the affirmation. There is no rule for how frequently or the number of times you must recite a positive affirmation.
    A lot of folks create a routine which meets their needs, such as reiterating their affirmation twenty times, three times daily.
    If you are totally focused as you keep repeating it, and you do so frequently, it’ll be a success.
    A great rule of thumb is that you should say an affirmation for a minimum of five minutes, three times daily.
  2.  Energize the affirmation via a physical touch. Affirmations can be energized via tapping onto the back of a hand or softly stroking the place negative emotions are felt.
    For instance, if you wish to lose some weight, contemplate on why you are not happy about your weight.
    Where is this unhappiness felt on your body? Is it in your tummy? If so, softly stroke the tummy as you say your affirmation.
    Tapping onto any portion of your body operates the very same way.
    That generates a muscle memory that’s connected to the emotion and your thoughts on it.
    Plus, whenever you replicate that same physical act, the brain as well as the body will recall that positive affirmation.
  3. It’s so good to attach positive emotions to your daily positive affirmation lists. To do this just think about how achieving your goal will make you feel. It may help to think about how good it feels to know that you are perfect at something. Remember that emotions are a fuel which makes positive affirmations more powerful.

The instruction for affirmation practice for those who love yoga

  • This affirmation should be repeated with deep inner attention. 
  • First, you have to say it loudly and slowly.
  • Then repeat it in a normal voice
  • Then you should whisper a phrase. 
  • And finally an affirmation is repeated silently – you carry its meaning down deep into the subconscious.

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