How to Use Affirmations

How to Use Affirmations in Your Everyday Life

This article is about how to use affirmations in your daily life. I should say first there are a few approaches. I’ll tell you about these I myself use. If you are a newcomer to positive thinking and don’t know a lot about affirmations I suggest you to read my post about affirmation meaning to begin.

The popularity of positive statements

Positive affirmations become very popular day by day. Social media like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter help to spread posts quoted many interesting and effective affirmations. So you can meet them everywhere. They already are parts of many people’s lives. Come on and join us. Affirmations are very transformative and inspiring.

How to use your daily affirmations

To be honest, there is no strict rule about affirmations using. I think the best practice is the one that is creative. I have studied a lot of materials including everything by Louise Hay, different meditation practices, yoga teaching, etc. All that was extremely informative and useful but I established the following rules through my own practice based on that vital knowledge.

1. When to use statements – What time

You probably read somewhere that the best time for affirmation reading is in the morning. I must reveal a secret that it doesn’t matter what time to read your phrases. You can feel free to do this at any time during a day. Why? Because there is more important thing – the regularity. You should repeat affirmations every day. It should become a good habit.

Recommendations about mornings or evenings make sense in the context of regularity. It’s easier to form the habit if to read affirmations at definite time instead of chaotic practice. Thus the right time to read affirmations is when you are ready to do it but it’s vital to do it regularly.

An often-asked question is “When is the best time for doing affirmations?” The best time for this is when your mind is calm, thus, receptive. So when? For example, after waking when you stay in the bed yet or just before going to sleep, or after taking baths or even in it. But to be fair, you don’t need to wait for a special time for practice affirmations. It would be perfect to read your affirmation list any time you remember of it – as many times a day as you can. But please, do it thoughtfully.

2. How to use positive affirmations – What state

The best conditions for phrase reading are when you are alone in a quiet place. To read your list thoughtfully you should be relaxed and calm. It’s interesting that today you shouldn’t look for a special place for your practice. Just put on the headphones with a calm music without words and you are there. By the way, a good melody for relaxation, meditation and affirmation reading is below. Enjoy.

3. Additional advice and tips

• If you feel some negative emotions like anxiety or you can’t concentrate on words, you can close your eyes and take a few deep breaths – breathe in and a little longer breathe out. Try to breathe out all your worries, negative thought and feelings.

• When you read affirmations try to add some positive emotions to this process. To do this, just think about how achieving your goal will make you feel. It may help to think about how good it feels to know that you are perfect at something. Remember that emotions are a fuel which makes positive affirmations more powerful.

• If you are alone you can say the words out loud. You can declaim them like poems. It adds more power to the practice. If you can’t speak in a loud voice, pronounce affirmations in your mind but do it slowly and clearly.

Bonus tips for the yoga lovers

All affirmations should be repeated with deep inner attention. You can read your affirmations while you are in a Lotus pose or lying in Savasana. Repeat a phrase 4 times:

  • First, you have to say it loudly and slowly.
  • Then repeat it in a normal voice.
  • Next you should whisper a phrase.
  • And finally an affirmation is repeated silently – you carry its meaning down deep into the subconscious.

Congratulations! Knowing of these simple rules is enough to start practice affirmations and do it effectively. But you can upgrade your skills and read about increasing the power of affirmations and writing your own lists.

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