How to Write Positive Affirmations?

How to Write Positive Affirmations for Required Topics

This article is about how to write positive affirmations for your own purposes. So, if you are a newcomer to positive thinking and don’t know enough about affirmations I invite you to read my post about affirmation meaning and the article how to read affirmations correctly.

I also advise to read about how to increase the effectiveness of affirmations and an interesting material about why affirmations don’t work for some people. All that can help you to use affirmations more successfully.

A short introduction to affirmation writing

To write your own affirmations you should know exactly what you want to achieve doing the practice. At first, it may be useful to read existing positive phrases for inspiration and experience, and only after that start writing your own texts.

This blog is superb resource from which you can find various positive affirmations. But I understand that you might wish to generate affirmations specific to your condition. So I wrote this article to help you with that.

Whatever you want to accomplish, manifest or attract, ensure you use the proper brain language we will talked about below. This is really important. If you want your affirmations to be powerful and really working, you should follow the next rules.

Writing positive affirmations: do it yourself

I can define just three rules that are important when you write affirmations. Actually, they twist one with other. So, they are quite similar. The order I use doesn’t matter. They all are equally important.

1. Ensure an affirmation contains only positive words.

If your sentence has the words like “do not,” “cannot” or “will not,” etc. rewrite it to confirm whatever you are attempting to accomplish. For instance, you should write, “I become rich” instead of “I’m not poor.” Do you feel the difference?

2. Ensure an affirmation is written in the present tense, even if it is not true.

Do you remember about our feeling and emotions I mentioned in how to increase the effectiveness of affirmations? It’s an important thing. You have to be emotional when you read an affirmation. The anxiety you are feeling motivates you to make the change.

For instance, even if you are not rich, repeating, “I am rich. I have lots of cash,” is a really powerful affirmation to drive you to financial victory. You should write a phrase that confirms that you already have what you want. Now. At present. So, there shouldn’t be any “I will” or “I’m going to.”

3. Ensure an affirmation is true.

Your affirmation should be true for you. I mean it should be real. You should know what exactly you want to have or achieve and what for. In that case, you brain and your subconscious both will have a strict instruction what to do.

For instance. I want to change my job and have an interview soon. If I write a statement like, “I have a new good job,” it won’t work most likely. Why? Because it’s very general. I should think what I need indeed.

I guess I need to be persuasive on my interview and have enough self-confident. So, I can write a list of positive affirmations, “I am confident. I am skilled enough to have the job I want. My words are persuasive. I am a professional. People appreciate me.”