Why Powerful Affirmations Don’t Work for Everyone

Why Powerful Affirmations Don’t Work for Some People?

I hope you know enough about powerful affirmations. If you don’t, I invite you to read my article about affirmation definition and my post how to read affirmations correctly. This information is very useful for beginners.

Here I’m going to talk about the reasons why some people fail in affirmations doing. By the way, it can be useful to read my previous article on this topic how to increase the affirmations power.

If you read affirmations and don’t have satisfactory results, please, don’t be upset. I have a few tips for you and one secret to reveal. Well, let’s get to the point. There’re 3 things you should know about.

Repeating + Law of attraction + Calmness

Repeating is the key to being successful

As you begin to use positive affirmations, you might think that saying them again and again is a total waste of your time. But that’s not true. If you repeat phrases every day, you teach your brain a new habit. A very useful one.

Your mind learn how to think positively day by day. You train it. It may be uncomfortable when you’re first learning something, however, after it’s figured out, it starts being more natural. That’s because the brain reinforces those connections each time those actions and thoughts are repeated. Anything you desire can become that natural to you via repeating powerful affirmations.

Break up the tension

People don’t like tension. Many of us live under pressure of  limits and different blocks and bounders. We can’t relaxed. Otherwise, some people have problems with concentration. There’re too many things that impact on us.

The human mind is constantly preoccupied with some problems. If you repeat your daily affirmations being in such state of your mind, I don’t wonder that you fail. The second thing is to relax. You should calm down your mind before affirmations reading.

There are so many things you can do in order to calm yourself down. Well, I just name a few: meditations, listening to some light music, taking a bath, even deep breathing can help. You should read powerful affirmations mindfully thinking just about you say.

The law of attraction goes along with powerful affirmations

Positive affirmations are an extremely good tool that can make your life improve. However, the key to an affirmation being successful is your belief! Here is once again. You should believe in what you say.

Have your ever heard about the law of attraction? Have you watched the movie “Secret”. If you haven’t, I invite you to do that as soon as possible.  Because indeed, positive affirmations and the law of attraction work with each other.

So, let me to explain. You can affirm “I’m healthy,” if you want to become more healthy. This powerful affirmation is supposed to make you feel a little bit healthier. Then the purpose of feeling healthy is so that you can attract real health into your life. It’s a kind of magic. But, it really works. That’s how the law of attraction operates. Affirm it first, feel it second and experience it third.

Affirm + Feel + Get

A secret about powerful affirmations

There’s a fun thing. It’s as simple as useful. Just think for a while about the next thing. Some people complain that affirmations don’t work. Literally, a person says, “Powerful affirmations don’t work for me.”

So, now pay your attention. Have you noticed that this sentence is an affirmation in itself! In that phrase, a person claims that his action DOES NOT work. What the result he will attract? Guess. It’s clear. The law of attraction works in this case as always. So, if you want to be successful in affirmations reading, please, don’t forget about this example.

So to sum up, now you know almost everything about powerful affirmations. You only need to find out how to write your own lists of affirmations.

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