Mind Power: Quiz on the Power of Your Thoughts

Find out how powerful is the strength of your thoughts, your mind power, and what you can achieve with it. Especially now, when numerous experiences and research have confirmed scientifically that

Almost everyone is able to change the life with the help of thoughts and words only.

Complete the test below to know the power of your thoughts. Answer the YES/NO questions. Then click “Get test results” button to read the transcription of your results. As a bonus, you will also receive an advice on how to increase the power of your thoughts. No email needed.

Test now how strong the power of your thoughts is. Just 8 simple questions to test your mind power:

1. You are an optimist, and more often you think about the good that can happen in your life.


2. Your quick wishes often come true. For example, you thought of somebody whom you have not seen for a long time. And then, he suddenly called you or you met him on the street.


3. You are in a good mood more often than in a bad one.


4. You are free from the habit of driving yourself crazy by imaging in details the problems or difficulties that may happen in the future.


5. You love to dream, and believe that your dreams will come true one day indeed. For example, you confidently tell other people about what car you will buy soon, or where you will go on vacation, or in what house you will live. You tell your believes others or yourself, even if there are no prerequisites for these wishes to be realized.


6. You are sure that you deserve all the best in life.


7. You are free from the thoughts that all the valuable things in the world (like money, luck, love) have already been allocated among people so you won’t get it.


8. You are free from the believe that anything that’s worth doing is hard.