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Positive Affirmations List

This part of my blog is about affirmations lists. A positive affirmations list when used correctly can totally change your thoughts, beliefs and help you live a better life. You probably know that affirmations reading becomes popular day by day.  If you are a newcomer to positive thinking you may read my post about affirmation meaning for a start.

Why is the popularity of affirmations growing? I think, that’s because people notice that these magic words transform their minds and lives. That it works indeed. Their amount rise, so I’m not surprised if you’ve seen some Facebook, or Instagram posts with various positive affirmations.

I collected the most effective affirmations and categorized them for your convenience. Click on each category below to reveal the best positive affirmations for creating your amazing life! Don’t forget that affirmations can be mixed. You are able to use affirmations from different categories together.

Are your thought powerful enough?

I suggest you to take the quiz to know about the power of your thoughts. Are you able to fulfill your desires by the power of your mind? Answer just 8 questions to find out your abilities.

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How to use positive affirmations in your everyday life?

How to reprogram your subconscious mind properly? Let’s find out how to read affirmations in the best way. When, where and how should you read your daily affirmations? The answers on all these questions you will find in this post.

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What can be done to improve the efficiency of affirmations?

How to know positive affirmations really work or not? Can we increase the power of these phrases? If “yes”, how to do this? You can read the most helpful things and advice in this post.

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Why don’t affirmations work for everyone?

It seems that affirmations are very simple. There’s no problem with their use. Everyone can do it. But there’re many people who don’t have tangible results. Why? Let’s find out why some people fail in repeating of affirmations.

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How to write your own affirmations?

If you are a newbie in the world of affirmations it’s a good start to use existing phrases. Bur later, I bet, you’d like to use your own affirmations. So let’s see how to write your own positive and powerful phrases in the best way.

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