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Hello, I’m Dezire. I’m very glad to see you on my blog about how to make things better with the help of positive affirmations.

I’m not going to teach you anything or to introduce myself as a coach. I create my blog not for cheating or wishful thinking. My goal is to tell about my knowledge, about the fact that I’ve been studding and practicing for almost 10 years. I found things that really work during that time. These are exactly the things I’d like to share on this blog. I hope you will find something useful, vital and really working for you here.

Have you ever heard about positive thinking or self-empowerment? I bet you do. If no, it’s OK. There is nothing difficult. We’ll get it all soon. I want to mention one important term at once. It’s an affirmation or, in simple words, a kind of inspiring statement. For me, it’s a vital thing I use every day. Why? Because I know these words can work miracles in life.

Affirmations meaning

If you look at any dictionary, you can find out that affirmation is an affirmative or positive judgement. The verb ‘affirm’ means to state that something is true. If we talk about spirituality, an affirmation is a sort of statement of truth for implementing it to one’s life. Affirmations are widely used in self-improvement psychology.

There are a lot words people use when keep in mind affirmations: charms, spells, auto-training and even shamanism or incantations. But it doesn’t matter which word to use. What makes it a big deal is that affirmation reading is one of the simplest and most effective way of healing the soul and body – healing with words. Does this seem not serious for you? Take your time! Just allow yourself a chance. And let the magic happen.

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