Positive Thinking and Human Mind Part 1

Our human mind is an phenomenal machine. Have you ever wondered how it works? How this mysterious thing permits us perceive our surroundings and our world, understand all that and make a move to achieve our aims? And what about the positive thinking?

Our strict, living now mind

Our human mind does not communicate in either future or past-tense. All that occurs happens in the same instant for the brain. Once you think something, the brain processes the data literally and then prepares you for whatever action which ought to instantly follow that thought.

For instance, if you think about your upcoming trip, “I am going to enjoy a wonderful time during my journey to France,” the brain basically hears “great journey” and begins shooting off all the needed connections to create a wonderful trip.

The trouble is, the brain begins shooting off all those connections instantly. You might get a rush of confidence and your mood improves. That effect is emphasized when you begin to be afraid of something which could occur later. Did you ever think on the reason you might get that big of a physical impact from items you know are not real? For example, scary movies.

Your heart could beat very fast and you could even start sweating. That occurs because the brain doesn’t differentiate between what’s happen in the moment to what you could imagine may happen at another time. The brain responds to thoughts very literally, instantly, and gets you ready for that perceived risk.

That’s the reason it’s so vital your positive affirmations are constantly written in present tense. You may read more about the effectiveness of affirmations. It is much better to say “I am confident. I am skilled. I am perfect employee.” instead of “I will be confident during my job interview.”

Positive Thinking: Human Mind – Part 2

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