Fitness Affirmations – List 3

Fitness Affirmations - List 3

Training with positive fitness affirmations, as a system fitness program, was developed in the USA, and has long been used in many fitness clubs. By the way it was named IntenSati. ‘Inten’ came from ‘intention’ and ‘Sati’ came from ‘awareness’ (the translation from one of the languages of India). That is, conscious intentions. So, you can use these fitness affirmations to make your daily training more effective.

Here is a list of positive affirmations for fitness to help you increase the efficiency of your daily sport exercises and be more healthy. You can read about affirmations meaning here. 

As a matter of fact, many people confirm that their psycho-emotional background improves when using positive words and life changes for the better. Thus try this list of fitness affirmations to increase the effectiveness of your sports training.

Also in order to improve your results in repeating of affirmations, you can download for free some phrases. You can print these positive statements on your home printer or order a copy at your local print shop.

List 3 of positive fitness affirmations

  • To eat well and exercise regularly are easy for me
  • I love fitness and enjoy all my exercises
  • My workout brings me good health and slim body
  • I enjoy my workouts very much
  • I am fit and healthy

Affirmations in the images for visualization

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Fitness Affirmations – List 3

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