Positive Affirmations and Human Mind Part 2

Our human mind is an unique and phenomenal machine. Have you ever thought how our mind works? How this amazing computer permits us perceive our surroundings and our world and understand all that, make movements to achieve our aims?

Positive thinking mind

Did you ever experience a time when you become overcome by your feelings? If yes, you know how it is. It is a hard situation. You want to calm down, but your feelings don’t obey you. Does it sound familiar? Consequently, you say to yourself, “do not cry,” or, “do not get mad”. But it doesn’t work.

Let’s see why it happens. There are really two things occurring in the brain. Firstly, when you say to yourself “do not cry,” you’re providing the brain with two distinct commands. The first one is “do not” and the other is “cry.” You are capable of processing those two words at the same time and understanding the meaning. The whole phrase sounds usual to us.

However, the brain receives these two words separately! So after the word “cry”, it starts to initiate the proper neural connections to perform that command. You say to yourself, “don’t cry” again and again trying calm yourself. But your brain receives “cry”, “cry” … over and over. That’s why you can’t stop feeling unhappy.

Therefore, the next time you are in a position where you desire experiencing an opposite feeling, think of the opposite feeling and order yourself to perform that one instead. As an alternative to “do not cry,” instead say, “I’m calm,” or “I’m feeling good” and watch what occurs!

Literal brain

It may be a little annoying to notice how much your brain is literal. Although it appears very frustrating, these systems and procedures are really there to assist you in better achieving your objectives. The world’s full of sensory data, which is truthfully not useful to you.

If someone had to deliberately and actively process all the data you encounter, then attempt to make a choice and take action, you would be totally overwhelmed. The brain is capable of going on autopilot and filtering the data you receive and then guiding your behavior so you are not required to do so consciously. It’s essentially an extremely helpful procedure.

For instance, when you are driving on a busy road, it’s likely you do not see each and every business or storefront. However, if you were hungry, you would likely see the majority of the eateries. That is how your brain’s system operates. The good news is that, fortunately, you can control some parts of brain procedure.

The human brain is on our side. It doesn’t mind to succeed – all you must do is teach it. That’s why positive affirmations are extremely powerful. The brain is constantly seeking commands, so if you can plainly give it a command – in the same language it understands – it will trigger all that’s required to turn your biggest dreams into realities. So don’t waste your time and start changing your life right now.

Positive Thinking: Human Mind – Part 1

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