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Affirmations for Fitness List 4

Affirmations for Fitness – List 4 Here is a list of positive affirmations for fitness to help you increase the efficiency of your daily sport exercises and be more healthy. Affirmations are self-hypnosis formulas, special short phrases that reinforce the desired image or attitude in the person’s subconscious. Many people confirm that their psycho-emotional background […]

Weight Loss Affirmations – List 3

Weight Loss Affirmations – List 3 Nutritionists say that being overweight is a manifestation of negative attitudes and complexes within us. They recommend to work with the subconscious mind and change the type of thinking to a more positive one. Weight loss affirmations are just created for these purposes. Thus they can help you lose […]

Weight Loss Affirmations -List 1

Affirmations for Weight Loss – List 1 Do you know that weight loss affirmations can help you lose weight faster. The vital things in losing weight  are proper eating and exercise habits. But motivation is also very-very important. That’s why people use positive phrases.  Train your brain by using these powerful sentences to lose extra […]

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